What Do I Read Next: Inner Worlds

Dear Ravenous Readers,

I like stories that offer an inside look into a character’s mind. Can you help me find books with a female lead that delves into emotional and psychological territories?

Thank you,

Literary Lady

Dear Literary:

You’ve come to the right place! I’ve read a few books recently with flawed characters and inner turmoil. I’m not one for storybook endings. I’d rather read novels that include all the ups and downs of real life. You might start with The Secret Side of Empty. M.T. – the main character – is an undocumented young girl facing the prospect of friends going away to college and leaving her behind. Her family doesn't understand what she's experiencing and she struggles to find a path forward in a world where her choices are extremely limited.

I also really enjoyed 70% Acrylic, 30% Wool. This beautifully written debut novel explores words, communication and the agony of unrequited love. I look forward to more work by this talented young Italian writer.

In The Rest of Us, a 35-year old photographer rekindles an old relationship with her former professor in New York City. Yeah, yeah, yeah – this has been done before, right? I assure you that this version includes a deeper look within and renewed exploration of the protagonist’s abandoned dreams.

What I Had Before I Had You follows the story of Olivia. She’s returned to her Jersey Shore childhood home, which brings back memories of adolescence when she stumbled across the twin sisters she thought had died in infancy. This page turner will make you remember your own angst-ridden teen years.

Finally, Arlington Park. Rachel Cusk is one of my favorite writers. This novel takes place in a rainy London suburb where a group of mothers individually reflect on the traps of domesticity. Cusks’ writing is superb and her use of metaphors a fun way to waste a day reading on the couch!


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