Website and Catalog Tip of the Week #30: The quick things you can do

Want to keep track of a certain group of books but don’t want to make a list? Do you think a book will be interesting to a certain group of people? Want to note content or throw up a video review? Or maybe you thought a book was horrible/excellent but don’t want to write about it. You’ve seen how to create comments, opens a new window and lists, opens a new window, which require a little more of your time than you might have at just this minute. But there are lots of little things you can do in the catalog to alleviate your need to share without putting together a lot of words.


Tagging is a fun, quick way to organize items in the catalog. You can do a personal tag, which only you can see, or tags for anyone at any library that uses our catalog interface to see. Your personal tag might be something like “hated it” while a Genre, Tone, or Theme tag could be anything from “romance” (genre) to “dark comedy” (tone), to “Black History Month” (theme). There’s even someone working on tagging the 1000 greatest movies of all time.

Then, anytime you want, you can just click on the tag to see everything you’ve added to it...or everything everyone has added to it (in the case of romance or Black History Month). 


We all have that feeling where we know that we liked, hated, or have blah feelings about a book, but don’t really have the words (or just don’t want to) articulate those feelings. As long as you are logged in, you can rate any item in the catalog from half a star to five stars, and you can determine what those half-steps mean to you on your profile (have you seen the tip of the week about updating it? Have a look!). Just hover over the number of stars you want to give a book, movie, or other catalog item, and rate!

Similar Titles

This one will take an extra thirty seconds of your time, but might be helpful to others who loved the same book you just finished. Down on the lower right edge of the catalog record, the bottom option in EXPLORE FURTHER (right below tags!) is Similar Titles. This can be any book or movie that you think someone else will enjoy if they enjoyed the one you’re looking at. It can be something by the same author, or with a similar theme. It doesn’t have to click all of the same buttons; maybe it’s about a sheriff who becomes a billionaire overnight and finds a woman on the side of the road who has amnesia and they fall in love. Something with any of those major themes can be a Similar Title.   

Share Directly from the Catalog

A quick and easy way to show you care? Share it. If you have a social media account of most kinds or want to send an email to someone, you can click on the “share” button below “rate this” and it will give you all the options that properly integrate with our catalog. Want to share it on Facebook? Easy. Send it to a friend? Piece of cake. Just press the button you want (the little paper airplane is for email) and share away!

Additional Community Activity

There are a few other ways you can take advantage of what’s in the catalog. On the bottom left of any record where it says “Community Activity,” you have the option to Comment (our version of a review), add age suitability (for all ages, a certain age and younger, or a certain age and over), a summary, content notices, favorite quotes, and related, legal videos. Note: related videos include links to an author or creator’s YouTube video (or your own video talking in acceptable language about the book or movie (or seed or culture pass))!

As you see, there’s tons to do besides making a list when you want to pull all your things together in one place. Also, in your Account, you can view your Community Credits, which will remind you what you’ve done (including lists and comments). Whether you like seeing an itemized list for all you’ve done (sorry, no prizes just yet) or you just want to go back to something you enjoyed, it’s pretty easy to move through this list to find a particular action.

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