Website and Catalog Tip of the Week # 23: Go Mobile!

For so many of us, the smartphone or other mobile device is the first choice for getting information, whether we’re at home or out on the town. There are so many things we can do with just one swipe, including find a restaurant, or a date, or rent a movie.

You can also do nearly everything you can on your desktop computer when it comes to the library website and catalog!

The library website is responsive, meaning that it will adapt to the size and shape of whatever browser you are in. You might notice certain aspects go away on the mobile site, but the full site is still available to you, including the catalog, blog posts, browse pagesopens a new window, the events calendaropens a new window, and the E-Libraryopens a new window.

When you use the website on a small mobile device, all of the information you need will all be in one scrollable column. On the home page, this means everything you see on the desktop site will show up as you see them left to right, straight on down, including the new books carousel. You can still view all the same headlines you’d see on a computer, you just have to do a bit more scrolling of both up and down and side to side.

In a catalog record, the first thing you’ll see is the item’s cover, title, author, release date, etc. that shows on the left side of the screen on desktop. Directly below that is what you see on the right. As with the home page, scrolling down will give you everything that is on both sides, from reviews, comments and other community additions, subject headings, readalikes, tags, etc. It’s a little harder to get into one snapshot, but everything is still there!

The library does have an app, which you can download for free on iOS opens a new windowand Androidopens a new window. Since, unlike the mobile website, you can remain logged in, it’s a quick easy way to check on holds and due dates, and find libraries on the map. You can also scan an ISBN using the camera on your phone or device to search for an item in the catalog that you might see in a bookstore or at a friend’s house (or otherwise in the wild).

So if you have a smartphone, or a tablet, or some other fun small device, be sure to know the advantages of each way to access library information on it. Don't be wary because the screen looks a little different; it's just a small adjustment that will make your library life just that much easier!

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