Watch the Trailer, Read the Book

Have you heard of book trailers? It's like a movie trailer, but for a book! They can get kids who love videos engaged with reading, and help you preview a book to see if it's something you're interested in trying.

For example, here's one for a new title in the popular Elephant and Piggie series:

In our catalog, it's easy to add book trailers to items, and watch trailers other people have added. Scroll down to Community Activity, and click on Videos.

screenshot of an item in our catalog highlighting "Videos" under "Community Activity"

And here's a trailer from local author/illustrator, and MegaMania!! star, Adam Rex (you may spot some familiar Tucson locations):

And here are more kids books with trailers you can watch in our catalog!

Watch the Trailer, Read the book List created by PimaLib_SueJ

Get your children interested in reading by watching these trailers for these books. Recommended by my grand kids, ages four to 11.

Private I finds out the rest of the story.

Not just for little kids.

Is the bear horrible, or is it the girl? Read and find out.

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