Want to commute by bike? Here’s how!

Have you been intently eyeing your bike sitting on the back porch?  Or maybe you've been noticing bike riders lacing through traffic in the sparkling sun? Could this be the year that you start riding to work, the movies, school, or the store? 

If you have questions or are looking for inspiration, the library has you covered with an array of books, community resources, and personal testimonies to put some fire in your belly.  

Here's a few of the many informative bike manuals and handbooks you can find at Pima County Public Library:

The Urban Biking Handbook

Urban Revolutions

Just Ride

Hello, Bicycle

In addition to books, you can find bike maps, guides to riding, and many other useful items available in print at many of our branches throughout the county. 

Local community radio station KXCI hosts Pedaling the Pueblo, a weekly bicycling program all about bike happenings in Tucson.  Catch it live or listen to the archives.


Sooo...why ride a bike?  Library staff who regularly bike commute to work give their two cents:                       

"Why do you ride your bike to work?"

Travis (Mission): "I like the exercise and I dislike sitting in traffic.  Bikes are a big part of my life, so commuting to work is an easy choice to make."

Brian  (Main): "I bike to work because I love riding my bicycle, and I do not own a car!"

Monica (Himmel): "I bike to work because I can. I like to bike. I wander leisurely through the neighborhoods on my way to work and enjoy the scenery. It is good for the environment & it's good for me.I also bike to work to save on gas, less wear and tear on my car. It is less stressful; there are a lot of crazy drivers out there and there are a lot of distracted drivers on the road. I'm more of a leisure biker, no lycra for me.

Mike (Himmel): "Primarily for exercise integrated into my schedule.  Throw in reducing my fuel costs and my carbon footprint, and that is a gonga."

Karen (Main): "I love biking to work – it’s close (I live less than a mile away), I get to see neighborhood friends along the way, I get to feel a breeze on my way in, get to notice what’s in bloom and in general it keeps my stress down.  Every time I drive a car I end up yelling at other drivers.  My blood pressure stays at a comfortable level when I’m on my bike."

Gretchen (Mission): "I love feeling the blood coursing through my body and starting and ending the day with a dose of the outdoors."


And last but not least:

Yay bikes! (for kids) List created by PimaLib_GretchenH

Here are some titles that will build enthusiasm and bike smarts for the younger set. These books cover everything from bike mechanic skills to fantastic bike adventures!

A look at how bicycles are used around the world. Recommended for grades 6-8.

Recommended for pre-school to 2nd grade.

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