Up Close with the Authors

Imagine sitting in a tent at a book festival interviewing a well-known author and then having that interview posted online. This has been the unforgettable experience for some Tucson teens. For the past seven years, PCPL has organized the Teen Audio Interviews at the Tucson Festival of Books, opens a new window. The Library has brought together small groups of students from middle schools and high schools around Tucson to visit and take part in the Festival by interviewing YA authors. Each student prepares ahead of time by reading a book by the author and learning a few interviewing tips.

In 2015, eight different school groups interviewed eight authors in lively conversations: Isabel Quintero, opens a new window, Andrew Smith, opens a new window, Lydia Millet, opens a new window, John Rocco, opens a new window, Lisa McMann, opens a new window, E. Lockhart, opens a new window, Jennifer Nielsen, opens a new window and Austin Aslan, opens a new window. The interviews ranged in length from 20-30 minutes. If you would like to get a taste of the interviews, click on the short excerpts. Don't hesitate to comment! The interviews can be found on SoundCloud, opens a new window.