Up and Coming Thriller: Dark Matter

Are you already of fan of Wayward Pines and looking for the next big thing? Blake Crouch, author of the the Wayward Pines trilogy, has a new book coming out on July 26, 2016. Could Dark Matter be the upcoming sci-fi thriller of the summer? Even if you don’t consider yourself a fan of science fiction, you’ll enjoy this fast-paced thriller. The main character is a physicist, but you don’t need an advanced degree to appreciate the action. Jason Dessen is a mild-mannered physics professor with a lovely wife and son. When Jason is abducted, he must rethink everything he ever knew and examine all the choices he’s made over his lifetime.

The science part comes in with a riff on Schrödinger’s cat – where a cat can be both alive and dead inside a sealed box. Jason has invented a box where people can explore alternate realities. Complications arise when the worlds collide. What happens when one of your alternate selves runs into your current self? And which one is still considered your true self? And then think about all of your possible selves meeting various versions of your spouse? It's a bit mind-blowing! It’s not required to spend too much time pondering the existential and philosophical consequences of Jason's experiment. This book is about the action, lots and lots of action. Sony has already purchased the right to make Dark Matter into a movie. The plot made me think of the action-packed, time-bending movie Looper. It’s not until the end that you start scratching your head and wondering what just happened.

While you wait for Dark Matter, try some of Crouch’s earlier work: Pines, Wayward, The Last Town.