Trending in our website & catalog: August 2017 edition

Have you wondered what's popular with other library customers lately? I put together some Top Ten lists rounding up everything that got the most clicks last month.

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Here's a sneak peek of some of the featured lists:

The Weekly Waitlist Watch is a great example, since it's not just one of our most-clicked's also a list ABOUT the books in our catalog that are so popular that they have long hold lists. Our awesome book-recommendation team puts together alternative options that'll tide you over.

Weekly Waitlist Watch: August 6, 2017

While you're waiting for "A Great Reckoning" try these two titles.......

Try John Farrow's "Seven Days Dead" while you're waiting for "A Great Reckoning."

Try Keith Donohue's "The Motion of Puppets" while you're waiting for "A Great Reckoning."

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The actual top ten items in our catalog are a little different from the books that are highlighted in that list, though. For one thing, many of them are movies!

Trending in our catalog: August 2017 edition

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Meanwhile, Books Worth a Look takes a look every month at the books that might be trending in the future, and also, some more obscure new releases that you might be able to read right away.

Books Worth A Look!

Brilliant teen creates The Losers Club, to justify spending all his time reading and intending to be the only participant. Of course, books are awesome and things don't turn out quite the way he hoped.

Andy Weir, author of The Martian, releases his second book about a female smuggler who lives on the moon.

This book only has one word...and it's on the cover. Hopefully, the two mice come to some sort of sharing agreement in the end.

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What are your favorite finds in our catalog recently? Any less-trendy hidden treasures to recommend, perhaps?