Tips from Infoline: Statistics and Trivia

Looking for statistics by state?  You can find out where Arizona ranks on average mortgage payments, population growth and more by using  State Rankings.  It's got comparative data on crime, education, employment, economics, health and government finances. Don't have time to come downtown? Call Infoline (791-4010). We can help.

Similar data by city and county can be found in County and City Extra.

Find out what happened to the Earp brothers and Holliday after the gunplay on Fremont Street in Tombstone in November 1881 in The New & Completely Revised Old West Trivia Book  You can read this one online!

Do you ever find yourself watching a movie with your kids and you can't place one of the voices? Try the Internet Movie Database and you can find full cast listings, photos, reviews, trivia, and more.

Do you know any students who need to do research on a famous figure for school?  Try our biography databasesopens a new window from the comfort of your home!

Chase's Calendar of Events 2016  is a staff favorite. It not only helps you figure out when the date for a movable feast like Easter is, it also helps to create themes throughout the year for displays, programs, etc. We discovered that National Bookmobile Day is April 15, author Jackie Collins' sister Joan's birthday is May 23, and the anniversary of the premier of "Doctor Who"  was Nov 23, 1963. It's full of fun information.

Questions?  We can help! Call Infoline at 791-4010 anytime during the open hours of the Main Library (Mon-Wed 9-8, Thurs 9-6, Fri 9-5, Sat 10-5 and Sun 1-5) and a friendly Information Specialist will be ready to answer your question. We also take questions via email.