The greatest thing about unlimited audio? This. Book.

Until a few months ago, I hadn’t listened to an audiobook in...a really long time. I would occasionally start one up to work on a project, and then if I was done with the project before the book was done, I might not find my way back to it. But I’m working on a project in which I need to do a lot of reading this year, and I figured one way to do that was to add audiobooks to my commute. It’s not a wildly long one, but enough to get through a scene or two every trip back and forth from home to the library. And since you can speed things up on both OverDrive and RBdigitalopens a new window—I stick to 1.5 but some people go even faster!—I can usually make it through a whole book in a single check-out cycle.

Of course, that’s not always the case. How to Be A Movie Star, for example, is a little longer (a little over 12 hours) and the narrator actually speaks at a nice, clipped pace—meaning I couldn’t listen to it faster than 1.25 without my eyes crossing. The day I opened the RBdigital app to see it gone?! I freaked out for a second. But! This book is part of their unlimited audiobook collection, meaning you can check it out anytime, even if someone else is listening to it. So I checked it out once more...and it started up right where I’d left off the day before! Magic! (Or just excellent UX, but you know.)

I never thought a romance between a demisexualopens a new window hipster stoner (and aspiring actor) and an author with the same pen name as an old video game (who writes monster erotica) would be the thing I most loved this year, but here we are. Not surprising; the author, TJ Klune, is a favorite. (You should also check out his paranormal series, starting with Wolfsong. You will be engrossed and delighted and won’t regret it.)

But back to How to Be a Movie Star (which is technically the sequel to How to Be a Normal Person but you don't have to read it to understand what's going on.)

You might know Josiah Erickson; he was in that commercial about genital herpes, and he's got that very active instagram account. When his masterful radio trivia skills get him tickets to what he thinks is a poetry slam, he comes face to face with the author Q-Bert, who is the most socially anxious person in the world but is willing to make appearances for his fans. Even though Josy immediately thinks the man is someone he wants to be friends with, their first meeting is...not the best. But when fate throws them back together, they start anew on the path to something great. In more ways than one.

If you want a slow-burn romance that focuses on the development of a relationship (and has a lot of bonus time displaying how Josy loves—starring the relationships he has with his best friends)—this is definitely a story worth checking out. It's a sweet story, with a lot of deep diving into mental health and the best ways of supporting the people you love. With Josy's demisexuality making it so that he doesn't immediately feel physical attraction, you get to see a whole different side of how people fall in love. And make movies. Because the second act of this whole thing gets down to the real story: Josy might actually get to be a movie star! He and some absolutely wild characters gather in the town of Abby, Oregon, and the experience is like nothing else. 

It's just the best.

This is a book that was made for audio, by the way. The narrator, Michael Lesley, brings the magical world created by the author to life in a perfect way, and if you can handle being in Josy's very vocal head for that long, it's definitely the way to experience this adorable love story.

Not every audiobook on the RBdigital platform is part of this collection, but there are about thirty thousandopens a new window (thirty thousand!) that are. So whatever your preferred genre or topic, if you’re an audiobook listener—or just trying to get out of the loop of playing the same music you’ve been listening to since 1997—definitely dig in and see what’s there!