Teens take on the teen audio interviews @ the Teen Festival of Books 2017

Hi all, my name is Amy, I work at the Pima County Public Library, and am part of some pretty cool teams and projects. The teen audio interviews is one of my favorite (if not my favorite) projects that I get to help run. Basically, we had six schools throughout Tucson who had a group leader (an English teacher or librarian) put groups together and pick their top three authors from a list of authors coming to the Festival of Books. The groups got a book to read, interviewed and asked the authors questions about the book, series, their career, and life. This year added to the mix was Arizona Public Media as hosts, which meant everyone got to take in the cool studio experience, from hanging out in the green room to checking out studio A & B. Till 2018!

Sabino High School interviews James Dashner, known for his Maze Runner series: highlights | full interview

"This past March I was lucky enough to interview one of the most famous young adult authors in the country. I and a group of about seven other students from Sabino High School were invited to participate in the annual Festival of the Books where we were given the opportunity to meet with and interview a selected author, after reading a copy of their book.

James Dashner, author of the Maze Runner series, was kind enough to let local high schoolers ask him anything related to his novels. It was a very unique and wonderful experience that I will cherish; it’s practically once in a life-time that you get to meet one of your favorite authors. James was very open and friendly, even taking the time to sign our books and take photos with us.

Our whole group of students was very enthusiastic and excited to interview Mr. Dashner and I hope that the students next year enjoy and take advantage of this opportunity as well. Thank you to Ms. Daly for inviting me to my third or fourth Festival of the Books interview and giving me this exciting experience."

~Nicole Gervais, Sabino High School ‘17

The Fever Code

Maggie Stiefvater & the Flowing Wells Junior High School: highlights | full interview

"The most interesting thing about the interview with Maggie Stiefvater was how much information she gave us in a short amount of time—she talks REALLY fast. She even joked that we might have to slow the tape down when we edited.”   -Kyle Myette-Ashworth

“Another great part of Tucson Festival of Books was the giant inflatable brain in Science City. It was cool to walk through the model brain and see how the brain works.” -Kyle Myette-Ashworth

“The tour of the Arizona Public Media studio, including the control room, was neat. We got to interview Maggie Stiefvater there, like we were professionals.”-Phoebe Gallegos

“Interviewing Maggie Stiefvater was so cool. She was very open about her childhood and told a lot of funny stories.”-Phoebe Gallegos

“The most interesting thing about the interview with Maggie Stiefvater were her vivid, honest answers about her childhood. She wasn’t shy admitting she didn’t have a lot of friends and wore all black.“ -Abigail Ortiz Velez

“All of the Arizona Public Media equipment made our interview super exciting. We even had our own professional photographer.” -Abigail Ortiz Velez

The Raven Boys

Mountain View High School's experience with Kathleen Glasgow: highlightsfull interview

“In March, four people including myself, got the chance to meet the author Kathleen Glasgow at the Tucson​ Festival of Books. I was pretty nervous, because this was my first time interviewing an author. To make matter worse I was late, which just added more butterflies to my stomach. But looking back now I couldn't have asked for a better person to interview. Kathleen was awesome and extremely down to earth answering our questions about her book Girl in Pieces (which I highly recommend). She made us feel comfortable and wasn't afraid to talk about the nitty gritty. She shared with us her experiences and gave us a lot of insight into her book. I had a really great time and I can't wait to go next year!” -Katie Bemis

Girl in Pieces

Alexandra Bracken and Tanque Verde High School: highlightsfull interview

"The experience of interviewing a New York Times #1 author was amazing. Alexandra Bracken told us what it was like for her to write a book series for the first time, and also honored us by being the first people to learn of a new book she is writing. I hope to read more of her books soon!" -Connor Mortazavi

"I had the opportunity to meet an incredible author, and even more incredible person, Alexandra Bracken, at the Tucson Festival of Books this year. Not only did she dive in deeper to the inner workings of her novel, Passenger, but she showed us her sweet, lovable side of her personality that cannot be read in her pages. Additionally, Alexandra Bracken demonstrated her loves beyond the realm of literature, which included movies, and history. Alexandra Bracken is such an engaging and sweet author, whom immediately evokes a feeling of welcoming with her smile towards all that she meets. It was a wonderful experience to meet Alexandra Bracken, and I wish her luck on her future works of literature." -Anisa Hermosillo


Tucson High and Guadalupe Garcia McCall: highlights | full interview

"It’s nice to hear behind the scenes things you may not have understood in the story; like how the story and characters came to be in the authors mind. Getting to interview the author brings the story to life and helps you feel a sense of fulfillment you can’t feel without meeting the author." –Asiamarie Valdivia, 12th grade.

"It was honestly like meeting a celebrity, we read the stories of our favorite authors yet most of the time we don’t associate a speaker or a person that created it.  It was amazing to  get to know her and I realized that while it was like meeting a celebrity , she was very relatable. I would definitely recommend  this to future students and would do it again myself." –Rosalie Nuñez, 12th grade.

Shame the Stars 

The River Library Teen Advisory Board and Sharon Cameron: highlights | full interview

"I enjoyed getting to meet a new author and be around many diverse authors and book lovers."

"I loved being able to read a book, and then meet the author behind it.  It's fascinating to learn about their motivations, inspirations, etc for writing."

The Forgetting

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