Teens: Looking to land your first job?

Here's our top ten tips from one of our 101 Space librarians:

  1. Start looking NOW. (Want a job in May? Start in February!)
  2. Get the word out.  (80% of teens get a job through a personal connection)
  3. Make a plan.
  4. Dress professionally.
  5. Apply in person. (Connect a face to the generic online app you submitted!)
  6. Bring all your info.
  7. Expect an interview.
  8. Show some energy.
  9. Prepare for rejection. (The hardest part—no one gets the first job they apply for ☹)
  10. Don't give up!

Ready to get started?

Job Help for Teens

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  IDEA+SPACE: Jobs for Teens List created by PimaLib_HeatherS

Teens, are you looking for a job? Check out these resources to get an edge in finding employment.

Detailed descriptions of occupations for use by job seekers. Find out what's involved with a job, what skills are needed, education level required, and the outlook for that industry.

Gives detailed information on a range of summer jobs, both in Europe and worldwide, paid and unpaid. The only annually updated guide to summer jobs available for anyone taking a gap year or summer break. Now in its 43rd edition, Summer Jobs Worldwide 2012 is packed with over 50,000 paid and unpaid job opportunities around the world: from crewing yachts in the Caribbean to stewarding at a music festival in Europe.

Offers information on finding age-appropriate work for teenagers that takes them out in the open air.

Identifies employment options for teens who enjoy working with children, offering tips on finding a job, starting a business, and managing money.

Looks at the different ways that artistic teens can make money, from creating personalized clothing and working at a museum to painting murals and crafting ceramics.

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