Teens, it’s your turn to be the change

Three youth representatives from the Metropolitan Education Commission will present at the Rising Voices Youth Summit on Saturday, April 13 at Flowing Wells Library. We are thrilled to have these young leaders share their experiences and strategies for engaging in advocacy. We have worked hard to make sure the presentations are an interconnected experience: leading youth through the process of identifying their own passion and strengths, practicing concrete outreach strategies, and providing contact information for local organizations that provide volunteer and advocacy opportunities for youth.

Joshua Ashton, Empire High School
Passion First: The Power of You Own Voice in Politics

The power of the youth voice is unprecedented. All it takes is a passion, a little bit of research, and measurable goals. You can get that better mental health support in your school: but first, you need to know the why, the what, and the how. You can build that business from the ground up: but first, you need to know the why, the what, and the how. It probably won’t be easy. Life isn’t easy. But honestly, what’s the point if there is no challenge? Push yourself and you can achieve greatness. First, find your why. Why are you aiming for this? Why are you passionate about this issue? Second, find out the what. What are the statistics around your issue? What is the issue? What can you do? And third, find your how. How can you make the difference? How can you be a benefit? 

Milana Marshall, Vail High School
Interactive Session: Using Your Personal Strengths to Guide Your Leadership

I am Milana Marshall, a junior at Vail Academy and High School. Inspired by professional development and youth leadership, I have found that Tucson offers plenty of opportunities to get involved in the community.

Everyone is different and every person can contribute to the community in their own way. Giving back, standing up, and creating change is possible. Find your strengths and channel your leadership. This library event provides the perfect opportunity to get to know more about what our community offers.

I am extremely excited to host an interactive workshop that is centered around youth learning who they are and how to not only discover, but to use their strengths. Hope to see you there!

James May, Vail High School
Passion + Strengths = Action:  Concrete Strategies for Getting Connected to Organizations

My name is James May. I am a junior at the Vail Academy and High School and an active member of the Metropolitan Education System Youth Advisory Council. I am looking forward to presenting at this year's Rising Voices.

Passion + Strengths = Action. Everyone has a passion; everyone has strengths. The power is in finding your passion. The power is in finding your strengths. If you can find your passions and your strengths together, you can use them to create action, and to be a mover and shaker of the next generation.

My workshop covers how to take action and contribute to your community. Let’s practice how to write an email, how to make a phone call and how to get involved with what’s right for you. Anyone can make a change. It’s your turn to be the change.