Summer Reading 2019: What’s New

Summer is the perfect time to READ, READ, READ.

What’s new in 2019?

Some things never change: children will always need to keep reading and learning over the summer so that they start school again in August with important skills intact. Making summer reading easy and fun for children is arguably the most important job the library has.

For some kids, the summer is the only time they actually get to choose what they read, something we know to be crucial in developing a lifelong love of reading.

How you start
It’s super-easy, just come in any Pima County Public Library and pick up your reading tracker and book bag. More information.

Then what? It’s very flexible.

  • Are the kids visiting grandma in Michigan, or Tia in Hermosillo? Take the tracker and bring it in when you get home. Summer Reading ends July 13th.
  • Are you staying in town? Lucky you! In addition to being able to come in to show us your progress, you can come to any of 100s of free events at our libraries.

What else should you know?

  • Books in the home are key to successful reading. Children need access to books in their own homes in order to be successful readers. The free book giveaways start June 3 and go for as long as supplies last.
  • Allowing children to choose their own books is the best way to get them to love reading. Children are more likely to read a book they are interested in. Encourage children to choose their own books.
  • ALL reading counts! Magazines, cereal boxes, subtitles, game instructions, grocery lists, etc. all help children build their reading skills. Kids and families, read in all sorts of ways this summer!

Have I mentioned that Summer Reading programming is funded by the Friends of the Library? Hurrah for our Friends! Learn how you can help.