Standardized Tests? We’ve got your back.

Fall is here, and with it come several standardized tests. More high school students will be taking the SAT and ACT each month, and the PSAT is coming up for much of Pima County on October 28. Are you ready?


Barron's SAT

The Official SAT Study Guide

Cracking the PSAT

ACT 36

Did you know? There are all kinds of books by all kinds of publishers available to you in the library, on the shelves. (These are just a few.)

But pretty soon, people are going to catch on, and check out all of those books! What do you do then? Put them on hold? No, by then, the tests will be over! But wait, there's hope. Do you have a minute? An hour? In any library or anywhere else (as long as you have your library card), you can use a few resources we have available on our website.

LearningExpress Library, opens a new window

The LearningExpress Library is an extensive resource for all kinds of things, including test preparation for nearly every standardized test in the book. Whether you're trying to get a GED or preparing for a professional career, there is going to be something to help you in this resource. You can also download PDFs of test prep and practice exams to keep on your computer or mobile device.

Testing and Education Reference Center, opens a new window

This is yet another resource with an expanse of practice exams and preparation materials, with resources available directly through the site and as ebooks you can read through Adobe. This resource also has high school prep tools, if you know anyone preparing for the SSAT or other high school entrance exams, or working on AP or CLEP courses (and a bunch of others).

Online Tutoring

You can also get online tutoring through a few different resources through the e-library. Every day from 2PM to 11PM you can log onto Brainfuse and meet with a live tutor for any subject, opens a new window. These tutors aren't just for kids, either--you can go to them for resume help, writing assistance, or other purposes for adult learners.

We have other online tutoring tools, opens a new window, but you have to come into your library the first time in order to get set up on them. After that, you can become part of programs like ReadStrong, opens a new window, an all-ages reading improvement program.


Cracking the SAT 2012

There are also a small collection of ebooks available through Overdrive. You can use these as a last resort, as they are not as current as the books on the shelf or in the online resources mentioned before.

Still not sure? Come into the library, opens a new window for in-person help and go from there.