Staff Spotlight: If You Love Mystery…

silhouette of person wearing a deerstalker cap and holding a pipe
Beyond a shadow of a doubt...

Welcome to a blog series highlighting staff you might want to follow. Today, put on your deerstalker hat: let's talk mystery and thrillers!

Elizabeth is an audiobook addict who listens to most of her picks. Lee Child fans will appreciate her Reacher, Ranked list, and many enjoy her often-hilarious blog posts and comments, like on Badlands, when she admitted her fascination with the bad guys' body disposal methods.

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Susannah reads a lot of dark mysteries and thrillers, including the Scandinavian and Hillbilly Noir subgenres. To get an idea of her tastes, look at her What do you recommend? list, which she put together to help her avoid brain freeze when someone asks what she's enjoyed reading lately, like The Exiled.

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Sam reads eclectically, and recently has put together a few popular Murder by Country lists. For example, try Murder on the Champ De Mars from her France picks. I especially enjoyed her While You Wait for Little Paris Bookshop list, since it had a few great literary puzzle-type mysteries (which are my personal kryptonite!).

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The Ravenous Readers team reads just as voraciously as their name indicates! They gather monthly staff picks, share guest blog posts, and assemble lists geared towards adults (although they sometimes share kids and YA picks, too). There are some great mystery picks on their Favorite Readers list for audiobooks, for example. Especially keep an eye out for picks by Patti, a voracious reader who often chooses mystery for her Patti's Picks on our Facebook page, and Karen, who occasionally picks up a mystery or thriller, and is great at describing it in a way that make you want to pick it up, too.

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Want more great mystery recs? Keep checking a few places around our website for picks by these staff and others, and even some customer choices. When you visit Browse > Books, you can click on the Mystery genre to see new titles and the latest staff picks in that category. You can also visit the Mystery section of our Popular Authors by Genre pages to find roundups of all kinds of categories, from cozies to dessert. Finally, the NoveList database in our E-Library lets you search by pace, genre, tone, and more, and even includes professional reviews, plus book club and genre guides.