Staff Picks for 2018 are here!

We love sharing our favorites of the year with you just as much as you love hearing about them. This year, staff submitted 64 titles for our books list and 19 for our audiobooks list. Discover what we liked in 2018!

PCPL's 2018 Staff Picks

What have library staff loved this year? Get lost in this list!

Kelly @ Flowing Wells: I loved this lively mystery about poison pen letters at a women's college in Oxford and related very much to the main character, Harriet Vane.

Robin in Finance: My 1 year old granddaughter and I were completely captivated from the beautiful illustrations to the upbeat storytelling. I know I have a winner when she picks it out to be read over and over again.

Brandon in Delivery and Amber in Administration: This thoughtful series explores the ideas of gender, race, identity and acceptance – we can all learn something about the human condition in this brilliant YA series.

Nancy @ Flowing Wells: This was a tremendously satisfying story, told in the cadence of the time it takes place (post Civil War Texas) and with a perfect ending.

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PCPL's Audio Picks 2018

Staff favorites for your listening pleasure!

Angie @ Martha Cooper: The human race has exactly one chance to prove our sentience and join the galactic community: all we have to do is send washed-up glam-rockers Decibel Jones and the Absolute Zeroes to perform one song and NOT come in dead-last out of hundreds of species... what could possibly go wrong?

Karen in Collection Development: Lovely coming of age story enlivened by an excellent narration. Reminded me a bit of Jane Eyre.

Cheryl @ Wheeler Taft Abbett: First, it was set in my home state of Connecticut, second, it is totally relatable if you are a mom, third, it is both hilarious and poignant.

Sarah @ Martha Cooper: I love that I can find something at the library that reignites a passion I’ve had since I was 7 years old. (And just for the record, my favorite story so far is Born in the storm by Daniel José Older. I loved it so much, I listened to it twice!)

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