How I Look is Not My Worth

"How I look is not my worth. I get to determine what I'm worth; not other people."
-Isabel Quintero

If you missed author Isabel Quintero at the Tucson Festival of Books, here's an excerpt from the interview that was hosted at the library's tent.

And here's a review of her book, Gabi: A Girl in Pieces, by one of our staff members:

I don't often laugh out loud when I'm reading, but I couldn't help myself with this funny and inspiring story. In journal form, the reader gets to know Gabi as an irrepressibly smart and funny teen as we follow her through a harrowing senior year in high school. In straightforward and sometimes raw language, she deals with the usual teenage issues such as body image, crushes on boys and the pressure to do well enough in school to get into college. She also balances her own desires to get ahead with her Mexican American family's traditional expectations. And there are deeper challenges such as a drug addicted father and a friend who is pregnant. Through it all, Gabi manages to keep her focus as she pours her experiences and observations into poetry.

Gabi is a very real and unforgettable character that you will wish is your friend. Gabi: A Girl in Pieces opens a new windowis this year's Morris Award winner which honors a debut book by a first-time author writing for teens.

Gabi, A Girl in Pieces