School is OUT, 101 is now in session!

For most youth, there's a bittersweet feeling towards the close of the school year. Sweet in the sense that school will be temporarily ignored and forgotten, and bitter because their summer's become a bore within the first weeks and they do not have much to look forward to. Well, with all of this spare time on their hands, teens have the awesome opportunity to see what the newly formed 101Space has to offer this summer!

From creating coded music to simply exploring next generating gaming consoles, the 101Space is bringing out all of their equipment to show youth the resources they have access to, allowing their creativity to do the rest! This can be anything from:

  • A green screen for photographyCollage of images of crafts, people, and furniture in the 101 space
  • 3D printing designs you find or create
  • Designing your own video game
  • Learning the new-found language of code
  • Recording and editing sound
  • Creating poetry
  • Screenprinting T-shirts
  • Recording and editing film for the big screen
  • And so much more!

Both June and July of 2016 are jam packed with new and exciting programs that are COMPLETELY FREE! For some of these programs, however, there is a sign up and people limit for entry, so if something you do not want to miss out on: look and sign up now. 

These programs are being hosted based off of the responses and/or interests of the youth, so if there is an idea you have for a program or even a personal project of yours, never fear to ask!

-Carlos R.