Revitalize your 2021 reading resolutions

Want to revitalize your reading resolutions for 2021, but don’t know where to look for your next read? The Pima County Public Library has so many options, your To Be Read pile will soon be brimming with books

Have a favorite book or author and want to find more books like it? Try browsing through the subject headings when in a book record. When you’ve brought up a book in the catalog, scroll down and check out the menu bar on the right. It will contain other subject headings and lists related to the book you’re browsing.

For example, if you’ve read Becoming by Michelle Obama and loved it, a related subject would be Presidents' Spouses or African-American Women Lawyers. A related list includes Black History Month, Black Female Voices, and The Power of Inspiration and Motivation. A great thing about these lists is they aren’t just PCPL staff, so you have library staff nationwide helping you find a new book!

In addition to our PCPL website, there are other ways to find a new book to add to your reading list: books recommended by a friend or a celebrity book club; your local book club; news media sources like NPR and the New York Times Book Review; or even online sites such as Goodreads or book review blogs.

You’ll never again wonder what to read next!