ReadStrong Success Story: Jorge

Jorge is a second grader who began attending ReadStrong in the summer of 2015. When he first started, he was reading beginner readers, mostly level one or two books. Jorge and his mother are committed to improving his reading, so they come to nearly every ReadStrong session, rarely missing one. When he comes early, he will even help pick out books!

He is very focused when he comes to a ReadStrong session. By the fall he was beginning to read intermediate readers—level twos and threes, and then up to The Magic Tree House series and Captain Underpants. Jorge has developed the ability to figure out words that he would not have been able to get when he first started. His fluency has improved and he can read books with long paragraphs with ease and hardly any stops. His confidence as a reader is high and he enjoys reading. Earlier in the year, Jorge dove into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. This book is at the fourth grade reading level, which is above his grade level, and far above where Jorge started!