Read Harder: Halfway Point Check-In

Have you been doing the Read Harder challenge?

screenshot of read harder challenge image
Fill in all the rows, and win...a feeling of personal satisfaction and joy!

It’s been fun, right? How many books do you still have left to go?

There are so many ways to get recommendations for categories you have yet to fill. Our Read Harder bloggers, Will, Karen, and Betsy, have been plugging away at two books a month! Start with the first month and move right on through them!

There have been a lot of suggestions added to the big list we put together at the very beginning. Have more? Add them in the comments.

Several staff members have been putting together lists of their own, as well. Need a suggestion for a book written between 1900 and 1950 or a classic by an author of color? Or hey, how about a list that is the whole Read Harder challenge done in YA? We got ya. Also made by our awesome library staff:

(Note: these do not cover all of the categories)

And some of us (*ahem* well...I…) have been maintaining their own list of books that fit the categories. Some made theirs before they started, while others of us are adding on as we go along. Did you know you can make your own? Here's a quick primer on how to make lists in the library catalog.

Here are some books that are as yet on my list to read, but that I haven't quite made it to yet:

Inés of My Soul

Frenchman's Creek

In Other Words

Hidden Figures

Parable of the Sower

The Color Purple

In Love & Trouble

Even with the list, I still like using the print tracker to see just how skewed in certain directions I am. How have you been keeping track? Share in the comments!