‘Pushy Parent’ Seeks 4th Grade Reads

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Dear Ravenous Readers,

My son just started fourth grade and he really likes the Wimpy Kids books, but he’s burned through all of them and I don’t know what else to bring home. His vocabulary is great and sometimes I feel like I should push titles with more of a literary flair, but he really loves this style of writing right now and I want to keep him interested in reading. Can you help me find a similar series for him to dive into?

Thank you,

Pushy Parent

Dear Pushy:

The Wimpy Kid books by Jeff Kinney are great because they’re funny and fast-paced and the pages are interspersed with drawings and comics which keep kids engaged (and laughing!) as they move through the text. What elementary kid wouldn’t love them?! Below are a few more series that your son might want to explore…

The Big Nate series by Perce Lincoln is filled with mischief, wit, and humor in a realistic school/life setting with a 4-6th-grade reading level. Nate is an extroverted kid who tends to find himself in hot water with his teachers. There are lots of different types of characters for kids to identify with, as well. Big Nate  

The Star Wars Jedi Academy is another series mixing comics and text. Roan is crushed when he doesn’t get into the Pilot Academy, but a really old Jedi (guess who?) invites him to another training school, which he joins after leaving elementary school. There are not many original Star Wars characters, which may be a disappointment for diehard fans, but the books stand on their own. They also tackle some serious issues like courage and determination, failure, bullying and the power of friendship. Starting a new school or a new class is something lots of kids can relate to!

Finally, did you know James Patterson is now writing for kids too? Some of his books are humorous and set in a middle school with quirky kids like those above. The House of Robots series is hilarious. Sammy’s genius mother is an inventor and has filled their house with robots. Mortified, he is asked to bring her latest creation – a “bro-bot” – to school and help him fit in with the students. Patterson has also written a Treasure Hunter series that’s entertaining and fast-paced. When their parents disappear, twelve-year old twins Bick and Beck take over the family business – you guessed it – TREASURE HUNTING! 


BL from the Ravenous Readers

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