#pimapicks: Meet a new blog

Since What Do I Read Next? is off to a great start, we thought this might be a good time to try out another new blog series: #pimapicks

What it is:

  • A way for our customers and staff to share lists
  • And also, a way to FIND cool reading (and watching, and listening!) lists

How it works:

  • For our first installment, let's make our theme a format that a lot of people come to our website looking for: ebooks.
  • Make a list that fits the theme! You can go for a niche, e.g. "#pimapicks ebooks: Vampires minus love stories," or something more broad, "#pimapicks ebooks: Fun for Kids"
  • Anyone with a PCPL card can make a list in our catalog! Here's how.
  • Start your list's title with "#pimapicks ebooks," like in the example below.
  • Use this search to see what other people have curated!
  • In my next post, I'll share your lists!

In my next post, I will also announce the next theme! Will it be one of your suggestions? Feel free to comment! 

Not sure where to start, need to browse around?

And I'll start us off with an example:

#pimapicks ebooks: Keep on your phone in case of boredom emergency List created by PimaLib_JB

Stuck in a long line, or a waiting room, or a slow-moving bus? Let a fast-paced ebook from PCPL suck you into a story for a few minutes, and you won't want to put your phone down!

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Any ideas for our next theme? Questions? Spotted some awesome lists that should be featured in the roundup blog post? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to share your picks on social media? Great! Use the #pimapicks hashtag there, too.