Overdrive Language Collections are Here!

Want to read The Mortal Instruments in Russian? You can do that now!

The library has recently acquired a whole lot of new ebooks, and they are great for people who speak languages other than English as well as people who are learning those languages.

Have you read all of the Harry Potter books? Have you read all of the Harry Potter books in French, German, Spanish, or Italian, opens a new window?

Not only can you read titles in different languages, but you can also change the interface in Overdrive to the language of your choice!

Once you've changed that, you will still see all the books that are available, so if you're looking for books in that language on top of easing your way through the site, you'll still need to narrow down your search.


The easiest way to do that is to decide: are you looking for audiobooks or ebooks?  Once you've selected ebooks or audiobooks from the menu, you can narrow it down by your selected language in the filter. You might come across not only books published in that language, but also books instructing how to speak that language. You can narrow further by filtering your search to a subject or publisher.





Want a preview? Here are a few titles that have been translated or that were originally written in other languages:





The best way to find these is to go directly to Overdrive, opens a new window through our E-Library, and search or limit like I've shown.

Happy reading!