OneClick Digital and Zinio Magazines are now RBdigital!

You might have noticed a change in your app listings and the links all over the website. If you haven’t, maybe you’re not a regular audiobook listener or magazine reader. Either way, have a look at the new RBdigital app and desktop platforms!

OneClick Digital and Zinio Magazines are still two separate desktop platforms, but you will now be able to use a single app to access your ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, and magazines.

What’s different about the desktop platform? If you’re looking for magazines, not very much. The name and logo of the site are different, but otherwise you’ll be operating much the same as you always have on a computer. Just use the RBdigital Magazines link from anywhere on our website.

If you’re an ebook/eaudio person, however, your desktop experience is going to be pretty different.

On the surface, RBdigital looks much the same as it always has: gray background, red header, and carousels of books to choose from right on the face. But the little menu option (we call it a hamburger menu) on the left side will give you many more opportunities for discovery and account maintenance than you once had.

Using it, you can go straight to the Audiobooks list, which is a touch cleaner than it used to be. Or you can click the EXPLORE button on the home page to get to the same place. On the top right of the format pages, you also have the option to narrow it down by genre.

screenshot of RBdigital view by genre buttonYou also have easier, faster access to all of your account information, including what you have checked out, what you have on hold, your wishlist, and your borrowing history.

The Search box is also a little different:

Screenshot of RBdigital search boxInstead of having a static search box at the top of the page, you can now click the Search icon in the top right corner and a search box will pop up. Below the Keyword search, you can use Advanced Search and look at your saved searches right there. (Click on each option.)

And once you’ve done your search, you can use the Filter option on the right to narrow even further, whether by genre, audience, or several other options. And you can also sort in all the usual ways.

The desktop platform is much more streamlined and searchable than its predecessor, so give it a try!

The App

Note: If you already had the OneClick Digital app, your most recent update should have already caused the change from OneClick to RBdigital. If it hasn't changed, check your update settings.

The RBdigital app (available in Apple, Google, and Amazon app stores if you don't already have it) is your one-stop shop for all of the downloadables. You’ll go to the same app on your device to get ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines. The home page is easily navigable, and it will be obvious what goes in which category. You can also search the RBdigital catalog right in the app, making things a lot more streamlined.

When you open the app, you’ll be on your Checked Out page, and you will see everything there, including your entire history of magazines (since those are checked out permanently). You can use the same hamburger menu in the top right to access the same menu that is on the desktop site. Once you start navigating there, you’ll have the same experience as you do on a computer!

Screenshot of RBdigital app   Screenshot of RBdigital app menu


The best thing about both the app and the desktop site? The HELP option at the bottom of the menu. (It’s also on the top right side of the desktop site at all times.) Read the FAQs, check out troubleshooting tips, and get help directly inside the site, all in three clicks or less.

Happy reading!