One Seed Pima County: Blooming Black Russian Sunflowers

Were you one of the thousands of Pima County residents that checked out Black Russian Sunflower seeds with your library card? For many of you, now could be the time to start saving your seeds! If you planted Black Russian Sunflowers back in April or May, your sunflowers are probably ready for harvest.

How can you tell if the seeds are ready? When the backs of the flower heads are yellowish-brown and have begun to dry out and droop, you are ready to harvest. You can either leave the heads on to completely dry on the stalk, keeping them covered to prevent the birds from eating all of your seeds, or cut the heads off leaving about 1 ft of stem remaining. Place the heads somewhere cool and dry to complete their drying - about 2 weeks. The seeds will easily dislodge from the head when they are ready. 

We'll be gathering all of the community's saved seeds together to make one large collection. There will be a Weigh-Off Party at Martha Cooper Library on Saturday, September 21

If your sunflowers aren't ready for harvest, don't worry. Many gardeners planted throughout the summer and their seeds won't be ready until well into the fall. Seeds can be returned to any library whenever they are ready. Don't forget to attached a donation slip to your donation. 

Thank you for taking part in our county-wide seed saving initiative!