Memory kits bring back yesterday, today

Memory Kits are great tools that you check out like books and use at retirement communities, family reunions, classrooms, and beyond. Bring some good memories to life with elderly people or with kids who never used a phone booth, played a vinyl record, or grew up on a farm.

Kits include photographs, videos, music, and things that you can touch, smell, and feel to remind seniors of experiences, and to invite them to share their stories with others.

Learn about World War II by listening to firsthand accounts of rationing and victory gardens. Throw a barn dance for a group of care home residents and see them relive a bit of their youth on the farm. Smaller Visit Kits are available to get people talking one-on-one.

You can also check out kits with topics like Summertime, Fashion, the 50s, Train Rides, Automobiles, Music, School Days, and County Fairs

Our elderly have a lot of great stories to tell. Click here to check the catalog for all Memory Kits and Visit Kits.

Memory Kits make it easier for us to say, “I’m listening.”