The MegaMania schedule is here!

MegaMania 2018! Represent Your Fandom!

Saturday, July 14, 1-5pm
Pima Community College Downtown Campus, 1255 N. Stone Ave. (NW corner of Speedway and Stone)

Catalog list of all authors & illustrators

Happening all day!

  • Cosplay
    Show off your costume or make your own. In the Roosevelt Building.
  • Video Gaming
    Have fun playing Worlds VR, Super Mario Kart 8, and many other favorites!! In the PCC Library.
  • Tabletop Gaming
    Compete, collaborate and get creative. Try out our collection of fresh board and tabletop games! Play with friends or learn how from local experts. In the PCC Library.
  • Tucson Comic-Con & Constant Con!
    Come to the 2nd floor loft for a Cool-Con experience! Giveaways, Super Heroes, and Comic life Galore!  In the CC Building Loft.
  • Tech Toys!
    Blast your creativity into the future. Drop in for a ninja-quick demo and leave with samurai-level skills! Test out Ozobots, MakeyMakey, Cubelets, & Botley robots. In the PCC Library.
  • Crafts! Crafts! And more Crafts!
    Get in touch with your creative side! Make hats, magnets and paper crafts to take home. In the Roosevelt Building.
  • Paper Crafts
    Floral Origami & Interactive Origami with Mary Ellen Palmeri. In the Roosevelt Building.
  • Minecraft & Roblox
    Visit the gaming area and play your favorite game with lots of other fans! No account needed! In the PCC Library.
  • Giant Games
    You may be a PvP Master onscreen, but what about in real life? Get your team together and test your skills in a real-life game of PvP! In the Outside courtyard. 
  • Cantina
    Join us for FREE Brooklyn Pizza, drinks, and snacks in the Cantina! Not exactly a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but you never know who you’ll meet in the Cantina. In the PCC Building Café
  • Photo Booth
    Take MegaMania fun and fandom home with you by capturing your experience in print.  It’s free—a gift from us to you!

In the PCC Library

Travel to the stars in a Portable Planetarium!
Shows will begin every half hour. Seating is limited and no late entry is allowed, so make sure you make it on time. Location: PCC Library.

  • 1:00 Harry Potter Astronomy
  • 1:30 Doctor Who’s Universe
  • 2:00 Comics in the Cosmos
  • 2:30 Cartoons in the Night Sky
  • 3:00 Harry Potter Astronomy
  • 3:30 Doctor Who’s Universe
  • 4:00 Anime Astronomy
  • 4:30 Harry Potter Astronomy

Escape Room
Merlin's Beard! He-who-must-not-be-named is on the rise (AGAIN) and we’ve recently discovered that he has locked a Horcrux in Dumbledore’s office—we beg you to find it before The Dark Lord comes to claim it!  Work with your team to figure out a series of clues and solve puzzles to open the locked box. Seating is limited, so get to the Library early.

  • 1:30-2:30
  • 3:30-4:30

Author & Artists Workshops & Panels
CC Building (2nd floor)

1:00pm Slam Poetry! With Writer in Residence Logan Philips!
Learn to write and perform poetry with our Writer in Residence Logan Philips. CC255

1:00pm Art Class: The Secret of Art with James A. Owen
Learn how to draw ANYTHING easily and awesomely (but especially dragons). CC254

1:00pm Researching your book
Jeff Mariotte, Marsheila Rockwell, and K.S. Merbeth talk about what kind of research they’ve had to do to write their books, what some of the weirdest things they’ve learned are, and which Google searches might have put them on an NSA watchlist. CC251

1:00pm Signing Table – Kathleen Glasgow
Glasgow is the author of the recent book Girl in Pieces.

2:00pm Writing Comics
Jeff Mariotte, Lee Francis, and Adam Yeater talk about writing comics for big press, small press, and indie press. CC255

2:00pm Art Class: Fundamentals of Coloring
Learn the basics of color and coloring with painter Jenn Hopkins. CC254

2:00pm Writing for Young Adults
Kathleen Glasgow (Girl in Pieces) and Stephanie Eliot will discuss writing for young adults. Get some writing advice from a pro! CC251

2:00pm Signing Table – James A. Owen & K.S. Merbeth
James A. Owen is the author/illustrator of Drawing Out the Dragons and K.S. Merbeth is the author of Bite

3:00pm Drawing Out the Dragons
Author/illustrator James A. Owen talks about his experiences in living the creative life, and how you can too! CC255

3:00pm Art Class: Basics of Drawing Characters
Learn about drawing characters from comic author and artist Ross Demma. CC254

3:00pm What should I read next?
Poet and Writer in Residence Logan Phillips, scholar and comic book author Lee Francis (Tales of the Mighty Code Talkers), and librarian Maureen Kearney share some of their favorite reads with you and invite you to do the same. CC251

3:00pm Signing Table – Jeff Mariotte & Marsheila Rockwell
Jeff and Marsheila recently collaborated on the book 7 Sykos.

In the Loft Space

1-5pm TUCSON COMIC-CON & ConstantCon
The Superheroes of yesterday, tomorrow and today are here to say hey! Come check out the action! Meet Tucson’s very own Frank Powers the conductor of Constant-Con, and get a sneak peak of Comic-cons to come with Tucson Comic-Con! Giveaways galore! CC Building Loft

Cosplay Workshops
In the Roosevelt Building

1:00 & 3:00 Rainbow Storytime
In Rainbow Storytimes we read stories that include LGBT themed stories, and also themes of family, love, and friendship, being different and belonging, being unique and being accepted, colors and rainbows, and, of course, fun – fabulous fun! RV 124

2:00 & 4:00 Storytime with Hagrid
Hagrid will be your guide through a magical world of kings, queens, monsters, mermaids, and unicorns. For all ages, children 8 and under require parental participation. RV 124

1:00-2:00 Cosplay Origins in the Making
Just picking up an interest in cosplay, costuming, or hobby building in general? Been in the convention world for a few years? No matter where you are, it’s always helpful to build new relationships with the amazing people in this community. We will talk together about breaking into the scene for newbies and veterans and play a few games together. RV 112

2:00-3:00 How to Make Prize Winning Costumes and Props
Find out the basics of where to start when it comes to crafting EVA foam into amazing costume pieces and props. Learn which tools you’ll need from our master crafting artists Gilbert Espino Jr. and Gabriel Espino of TinkerCosplay to begin your costuming journey. RV 112

3:00-4:30 Creating Original Characters to Cosplay
Tap into your own imagination using event themes, props, and makeup to create an ORIGINAL character to cosplay at cons and maybe even market yourself as a character! Take it from living cartoon cosplaya FRANK!Powers “don’t just be another cosplayer. Be ORIGINAL!” RV 112

1:00-3:00 Floral Origami
Learn to make colorful flowers that brighten up your day and never need water! RV 113

3:00-5:00 Interactive Origami
Fun origami models that move! Fold a hopping cricket, a jumping frog, or a wing-flapping Pteranodon! RV 113

1:30-3:00 Introduction to Foam Crafting for Cosplay and Fun
A hands-on workshop on cutting, forming, gluing, and painting EVA foam with a Q & A Panel. RV 116

3:00-4:30 Costume DIY
Make your own costume! You provide the creativity and we will provide the materials and embellishments. RV 116

1:00-5:00 Kids Crafts!
Design and make your very own paper hat or make a comic magnet. RV 125

Cultural Workshops & Performances
Amethyst Room

Stage Presentations (approximately 30 minutes each)

1:30-2:00 Mariachi Estrellas de Tucson
Enjoy the lively and uniquely borderlands sound of this youth group.

2:00-2:30 Gertie and the T.O. Boyz
Chicken Scratch comes to Megamania: Enjoy listening to the Tohono O’odham Waila music. Who knows, you may even want to dance to their polkas and mazurkas!

2:30-3:00 Costume Showcase
Show off your costume!

3:00-3:30 Capoeira Mandinga
Capoeira is part martial arts, part dance and all amazing to watch. Learn about this Brazilian art at 3pm in the Amethyst Room.

3:30-4:00 Costume showcase
Show off your costume!

4:00-5:00 Chinese Calligraphy
Learn about this ancient Chinese art and how it can increase your focus and serenity.

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ConstantCon and the Comic Bookmobile

Isle of Games Toy Store

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