Many seeds moved in 2020!

Did you plant a pandemic garden in 2020?

Looking back on an unprecedented year of constant change, we realized one thing has not changed. Community members love the Seed Library!

Nearly 28,000 seed packets were checked out by Library patrons in 2020. You can reserve online and pick up your seeds curbside - up to ten packs of seeds every month!  There are no late fees or requirements to return seeds.

The Top Ten Seeds of 2020 included herbs, greens and flowers:

These varieties have easy-to-save seeds with lots of output and are therefore common among our donations. One quarter of our seed donations come from local growers (thank you!), which helps us build a stronger collection. Seeds harvested from plants that thrive in our arid climate are more likely to flourish next season. Find out how you can donate seeds.

Staff at the the Sam-Lena South Tucson Library and the Quincy Douglas Library have been nurturing their own container gardens! 

Some libraries have been putting together Seed Bundles for patrons to check out and take home.  

Thinking about starting your own garden? Remember containers and windowsills are a great way to begin if you don’t have a large outdoor space. Find out what seeds like to be sown in January.

The Seed Library has been sharing more seeds during the Covid-era through word of mouth and long-standing community connections. We learned that a few local organizations had trouble securing seeds from their usual suppliers in 2020, so we were able to share larger quantities with them.

If you know of a group struggling to find available seeds, email and we’ll do our best to help them out!