Learning to Share? Try Bears on Chairs!

Counting! Rhyming! Bears on Chairs! There is a lot to like about Bears on Chairs. This book combines Shirley Parenteau's bouncy, preschool-friendly rhymes with simple and sweet illustrations by David Walker.

In particular, I like that Bears on Chairs tackles two important and often difficult concepts for preschoolers: fairness and sharing. While it’s readily apparent to small children that it’s only fair that others should share with them, the reverse of this, that it’s fair that they should share with others, is not always so self-evident.

When the book opens, all is well in the pastel world of bears Calico, Fuzzy, Yellow and Floppy. Each is happy to be sitting on his or her own chair. One chair apiece is clearly a fair and equitable distribution of seating resources, but the arrival of Big Brown Bear complicates the situation. How to share four chairs between five bears? After some experimenting, a solution is found to satisfy even the most stringent of pint-sized moralists. All of the bears share by pushing their chairs together into a kind of bench that can hold everybody.

Along with sharing, there are many concepts to talk about as you read this book with your child. How many bears and how many chairs do you see on the cover? How do you think Calico, Fuzzy, Yellow and Floppy got their names? What would you do to help Big Brown Bear? You probably have everything you need at home to keep the story going into playtime with your own stuffed bears and your own chairs. Extending the reading through play is a great way to reinforce concepts and ideas.

Check it out! Use Bears on Chairs as a fun way to read, talk and play with your child today.


~ Miss Robin