Learn about Census 2020

Even though the census is taken every 10 years, we don't think about it much, and it tends to be a little mysterious. To help you understand more about the Census, here are some videos and fact sheets. 

2020 Census FAQs

This quick handout explains what the Census is, how your information is kept secure, what you will be asked, and when you can respond.

How the Census Bureau protects your data

More information on how your data is kept confidential.

How do I take the 2020 Census?

What this brief video to learn the format of the Census. If you don't have a computer at home to use, you can use a library computer to fill out your form online.

Who to count

Does my college student living in a dorm out of state count on my form? What about my baby born on Census day? Find out who you should include on your Census form.

How to identify a Census employee

If you're visited by someone from the Census Bureau, here's how you can identify them as an employee.

Census jobs

Want to be a Census taker? The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring across the country. Find out about jobs here.