Keep books and reading close to your heart

There is something about getting to pick a book, a book to take home and keep, a book to read, cherish, re-read, and remember the characters, the illustrations and the settings, the  words and conversations, the feelings and the reasons that draw us back into its pages all over again.

For me, those books with shelf-staying power include James Lincoln Collier’s Teddy Bear Habit, Robin McKinley’s Beauty, or Josephine Tey’s Daughter of Time.

But for my five-year old it was Princess Smartypants. In this story the main character gets around traditional princess obligations and outwits a parade of princely suitors using her court of fairytale creatures and unrelenting roller skating skills.

As many times as I pull the Princess from the shelf, and suggest we drop it off to the Friends of the Library's Book Barn, or put it on the Bookbike for another child to enjoy, my daughter always puts it back. Even my suggestion that she can stream it on YouTube when she gets the urge will not work; YouTube will not cut it. Princess Smartypants will stay on the shelf, and will be ready to go with my daughter wherever she goes when she graduates from high school next year.

We are joining the Pima County School Superintendent’s Office and Literacy Connects to help kids feel a part of a community that keeps reading close to our hearts and makes reading a constant in their lives.

From February 9-16, it's Love of Reading Week at the library! Throughout the week while supplies last, children who stop by the library can pick a book that they can take home and keep. This special week of book giveaways is possible because of the generous support of the Friends of the Pima County Public Library.

I hope kids will find their version of Princess Smartypants—that book, those illustrations, those characters, and that story—that will stand out for them and speak to their hearts. I hope the book they choose will find a place on that kid’s shelf or on the stack next to his or her bed, ready to be read or shared all over again.


The Teddy Bear Habit


The Daughter of Time

Princess Smartypants