It’s mega. It’s mania. It’s MegaMania!! 2016

MegaMania!! 2016

SATURDAY,  JULY 9  ○  1:00 - 6:00 PM

Pima Community College Downtown Campus
1255 N. Stone Avenue (map it

Happening all day!

Cosplay | Show off your costume or make your own. Then take your picture at the drawing wall!! (Amethyst Room)

Video Gaming | Have fun playing LittleBigPlanet, Just Dance, Starwhal, and many other favorites!! (Library)

Tabletop Gaming | Revisit the classics and try your hand at gems you haven’t seen. (Library)

Zombie Makeup and Photo Booth! Meet great artists, get your makeup done and terrify all your friends when you look like a House of the Dead character. Photo Booth too! Presented by Tucson Comic Con. Galleria (Loft, Second Floor)

Blast your creativity into the future with Tech Toys! Program Sumo Wrestler robots and more! Drop in for a ninja-quick demo and leave with samurai-level skills! (Library)

Kids! Make fridge magnets of your favorite superheroes, finger puppets and duct tape crafts! (Amethyst Room)

Magic: The Gathering & Yu-Gi-Oh! Demos Have a look at what these two popular card games are all about. Presented by Amazing Discoveries. (Writing Center in the Library)

Minecraft | Enjoy some collaborative fun and show off your creativity. (Library)

Food Trucks! Parking Lot (Stone Ave)

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Catch it while you can!

1:00 | SUMMER LEARNING SHOWCASE (Library Testing Center) See what other library devotees have created over the summer. 

1:00 | HARRY POTTER BOOKMAKING (CC 215, Second Floor) Make your own Monster Book of Monsters or History of Hogwarts here! While supplies last.

1:00 | BRICKS4KIDZ MINECRAFT BUILD (Library, Room 153) Great for Kids! Explore hands-on fun of learning, building, and playing. Kids will create exciting Minecraft inspired models using Duplo bricks!

1:30 | MAGIC: THE GATHERING CARD TOUNAMENT WITH AMAZING DISCOVERIES  (Library Writing Center) Planeswalkers, ready your decks! Conjure dragons and fling fireballs in a single-elimination tournament to prove who the best wizard is in the entire multiverse. This tournament is open to players of all skill levels. Sign up starts at 1:00pm.

2:00 | STAMP CARVING WORKSHOP (Galleria Loft, Second Floor) Learn how to make your own stamps with Erika Johnston.

2:00 | BOARD GAME DESIGN WORKSHOP (Library, Room 153) Love playing games? Learn how to design your own! You'll learn what makes games fun and design your own board game.

3:00 & 3:30 | GOOGLE CARDBOARD  (Library, Room 153) Come learn about Google Cardboard & make your own to take home. Two separate sessions limited to the first 50 people for each. Note: a smartphone is needed to use the goggles.

4:00 | APP DEVELOPMENT MINI-WORKSHOP (Library, Room 153) Check out the basic ins and outs of App Development with PCC Faculty Drew Castalia.

4:00 | YU-GI-OH! TOURNAMENT WITH AMAZING DISCOVERIES (Sign up starts at 3:30) (Writing Center in the Library) Duelists of all skill levels, come gather to determine who will rank the best in this friendly competition of cards.

5:00-6:00 | APP DEMOS (Library, Room 153) Check out Phone/Tablet Demos created by PCC Faculty and Students. 

2:00-5:00 | TRAVEL TO THE STARS IN A PORTABLE PLANETARIUM! (Library) Seating is limited, so make sure you make it on time. No late entry!

2:00 | Video Game Astronomy
3:00 | Anime Astronomy
4:00 | Comics in the Cosmos
5:00 | Video Game Astronomy

5:00 | COSPLAY CONTEST  Sign up starts at 4:30 and Cosplay Death Match is at 5:00. (Amethyst Room, Stage) Fabulous prizes await the victors. Certain death awaits everyone else.

Author & Artists Workshops and Panels!

Are you a creative type? Find yourself doodling or writing a story? Experts are on hand to help you get your ideas on the page.


Learn more about some of the Southwest's favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy authors and ask them questions about the writing process.

Jeff Mariotte is the author of more than 50 novels and 150 comic books, Jeff has written and edited for companies such as Marvel, DC, IDW and WildStorm.

Marsheila Rockwell has written three Dungeons and Dragons-based novels. Her new book 7 Sykos was released in January with writing partner Jeff Mariotte.


Writer (and cartoonist) in Residence, Adrienne Celt, walks you through the basics of brainstorming, storyboarding, drawing and getting your own comic online. Come learn to bring your cartoon to life and connect with an audience on Tumblr and beyond.

3:45-4:45 | KID LIT FOR KIDLETS PANEL (CC 255, Second Floor)

Adam Rex is the illustrator of Chu’s Day children’s series (written by Neil Gaiman) and the author of True Meaning of Smekday, which was adapted by DreamWorks Animation into the 2015 animated feature

Aprilynne Pike is an internationally best-selling author best known for her debut novel Wings, which reached the #1 spot on the New York Times Children’s Best Seller list in 2009. Pike is also the acclaimed author of the Earthbound Series, Charlotte Westing Chronicles, and Life After Theft. 

Janni Lee Simner is the author of the well-loved Bones of Faerie trilogy as well as Thief Eyes. She has also published more than 30 short stories for kids, teens and adults.

5:00-6:00 | INKING WITH ADAM WORKSHOP (CC 255, Second Floor) 

Adam Yeater is the artist and self-publisher of the ongoing underground comic book, One Last Day. He is also known for his highly detailed pen and ink drawings as well as his large paintings of “cute monsters.” Learn about his methods in this hands-on workshop. Supplies provided.

3:45-4:45 | CHARACTER CREATION 101 WORKSHOP (CC 215, Second Floor)
Learn how to combine storytelling, art and scripts for your comic book projects with Phoenix-based comic book creators Benjamin Glendenning and Tone Rodriguez.

Benjamin Glendenning is one of the industry’s most sought after sketch/trading card artists, having worked on trading card sets such as Adventure Time, Mars Attacks, Walking Dead and many DC and Marvel comic sets. He has created and drawn several of his own self-published titles such as Skulljammer, Superworld Presents and the totally awesome Tin Star Tex!

Tone Rodriguez has contributed work to television shows including Liv and Maddie, A Pair of Kings, Dead Vengeance, Shadowhawk and NBC’s The Office.

5:00-6:00 | WRITING YOUR BEST DIALOGUE WORKSHOP (CC 215, Second Floor)
Learn how to write dialogue for your fiction from the guy who literally wrote the book on it.

Tom Leveen is the author of seven books including How to Write Awesome Dialogue for Fiction, Film and Theatre, Random and Shackled. His eighth book, Hellworld, will be released in March 2017.

1:00-6:00 TUCSON COMIC CON (Loft Space) Zombie face painting, photo booth fun, and free artist drawings.

2:00-3:00 STAMP CARVING WORKSHOP (Loft Space) Create your own custom stamps.

Creative Cosplay

Are you looking for a way to enter the cosplay world? Look no Further! Learn from seasoned cosplay enthusiasts about how to get started portraying your favorite characters no matter your budget.

1:15-2:15 | FREE! IWATOBI SWIM CLUB & FREE! ETERNAL SUMMER PANEL (CC 254, Second Floor)  Ask the characters from Free!those burning questions you’ve always needed answers to!

2:30-3:30 | COSPLAY ON A BUDGET: GETTING CHEAP AND EASY COSPLAY PROPS (CC 254, Second Floor) Wanna dress up like your favorite character, but don’t have the cash? Learn how to make fandom possible on a budget!

3:45-4:45 | BREAKING INTO COSPLAY (CC 254, Second Floor) How do you make those crazy armor plates all the cools kids are wearing these days? What’s the best online wig retailor? All these mysteries and MORE solved here!


Japan Live! 
Nihon ga sugoi! Do you love Japan? Explore beyond manga and get a peek behind the scenes at the real land of the rising sun.

1:15-2:15 | SUSHI WITH CHEF MARIO (CC 251, Second Floor)
What kind of rice should you use? How do you roll everything up so neatly?! Learn from the expert, Chef Mario!

2:30-3:30 | ANIME PRESENTATION  (CC 251, Second Floor)
Discover the history of anime and its influence on American pop culture. Presented by the Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural Coalition.

3:45-4:45 | KENDO DEMONSTRATION  (CC 251, Second Floor)
Watch the experts demonstrate Kendo, a modern-day martial art.

5:00-6:00 | ORIGAMI WITH MARYELLEN PALMERI (CC 251, Second Floor)
Fold some super cute animals! Supplies provided.

Don't Forget To...

Do your 'do! Get your hair styled to add the perfect touch to your costume. (Amethyst Room, Outdoors on the South Patio)

Onaka ga sukimashita! Indulge your taste buds with free Japanese snacks and American-style pizza from Gemstone Café.

Stop by the Bookbike for fun giveaway surprises! (Amethyst Room, Outdoors on the South Patio)

Visit the R-Galaxy and Fantasy Comics booths and pick up some of your favorite manga!

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MegaMania!! is made possible through generous partnerships with:

The Friends of the Pima County Public Library
Pima Community College
Friends of the Oro Valley Public Library
Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records

MegaMania!! is also sponsored by:

Amazing Discoveries
Brooklyn Pizza
Fantasy Comics
Tucson Comic Con
Five Fandoms
Southern Arizona Japanese Cultural Coalition
Justice League Arizona