Introducing Kanopy: A Streaming Site for Thoughtful Entertainment

Excellent news: We are now happy subscribers to Kanopy, a fantastic streaming film service. Kanopy’s tagline is “thoughtful entertainment”, so don’t go looking for the latest TV series or blockbuster films. What it does have is non-mainstream, often lesser-known films, classics, and documentaries, including several in the Criterion Collection and films in other languages.

Familiar titles include:

Sound great? Awesome. 

It’s easy to use:

Here are the key details:

  • You can view up to 10 films per month (because we pay for your view once you hit play)
  • You have three (3) days to watch once you’ve pressed play the first time (and after that you can watch as many times as you want in those three days)
  • The count of ten resets on the 1st of each month (not a month after you’ve signed up)
  • Kanopy plays on a computer or most devices, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku (so find the app for your preferred device and just sign in!)

(You’ll get all of this information the first time you log in, too!)

What kind of fun things can you do with it? Besides watching, you can add things to My List like you do on Netflix, and you can create clips (and make a playlist of them if you want!). You can share movies directly with other people (Permalinks! Yay!). Also, you can see transcripts of the movies. Useful!

Are you a teacher? Bonus! All of the films on Kanopy are licensed for free public use, so feel free to show them in the classroom. Just remember, you only have three days to watch from beginning to end, so plan accordingly!

Another bonus? It’s super easy to use, and the Kanopy help space is very detailed. (And you can always go to our Digital Help page if you still need further guidance.)

Are you ready to be thoughtfully entertained?