Imagine Our Story Destinations: Valley of the Moon

This summer, we invite you to discover and visit the various locations on our tracker to learn more about culturally and historically significant places and landmarks in our region.

Kindness is the real magic of Tucson. Long before Ben’s Bells rang out good will from gentle hearts, there was the Valley of the Moon.

During the 1920s, George Phar Legler, who believed in kindness, decided to build a place of living fairytales. He wanted to create a location where people could feel comfortable and find happiness. He envisioned it as a place that created kindness and where families and friends could experience a sense of magic.

Sometimes described as quirky, today’s Valley of the Moon aims to attract children of all ages to the fantasy park. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and Tucson City Council has zoned it as a historic landmark.

Since its inception, Valley of the Moon has been a place of inclusion. When first legally incorporated in 1945, its stated purpose included: To advocate tolerance towards all religions …, to foster the divine principle of tolerance and brotherly love for all humankind, regardless of race, creed, or color. This intention was bold in 1945 and is still urgently needed today. Valley of the Moon has stayed true to this primary guiding principle for 75 years, says Jenni Sunshine, president of the George Phar Legler Society, Inc. 

A strong tradition of theatrical performances and fantasy adventures have delighted generations of guest and volunteers. You can take a behind-the-scene tour with experienced docents, admire the Midsummer Fairy Lights in June, or participate in the Honor Loss/Dare to Hope Series in July. From the start, the Valley of the Moon and its whimsical structures were built to inspire imagination and they continue that mission today! 

Programs take place on various days this summer. Contact Valley of the Moon for information:

Valley of the Moon
2544 E. Allen Road
Tucson, AZ 85716 (map)

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