Imagine Our Story Destinations: Sabino Canyon

Water in the desert! Whether you’re dreaming of splashing in the Sabino Dam or crossing Sabino Creek’s partially submerged rocks, water runs through the canyon most of the year. Starting 9000 feet up in Mount Lemmon, the creek meanders through the rocky landscape bringing life to the entire canyon.

This natural resource came under the U.S. Forest Service administration in 1905. Located in the northwestern quadrant of the 1.78 million acre Coronado National Forest, Sabino Canyon is a haven for wildlife and human alike. Shy Gila monsters and reticent deer share the canyon with locals and tourists alike.

Our magnificent pocket canyon is host to greenery of all kinds including the stately cottonwoods, willows, ash, walnut, and sycamores. And let’s not forget the saguaros! Wherever you go in the canyon nature’s bounty greets you.

The 7.5 mile there and back walk, hike, or run along the Sabino Tram Road will have you sharing the experience with strollers, wheeled coolers, flushed faces, and people from every “walk” of life. If pavement isn’t your thing, there are a variety of side trails from minimally-strenuous to lung-heaving.

You can also ride the trams if you’d like a more leisurely canyon experience. Additionally, there is a tram route to Seven Falls. It is well worth the time invested just to see the cascades of free-flowing liquid beauty.

So get ready and dust off your sneakers. You can huff and puff along the Phoneline Trail or chuck your shoes altogether and dip your toes in the creek. Whatever your style, the canyon offers recreational options for kids, seniors, and everyone in between.

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