Homeless Help – Cold Weather Relief

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Tucson's Winter Shelter Program

Tucson's Winter Shelter Program provides beds to homeless people in Tucson during the cold months to protect the health and safety of people who are without homes.  The Winter Shelter Program is in effect from November 15 to March 31 and has three parts: Operation Deep Freeze, Project Hospitality and One Step Beyond.

When temperatures drop below 35 degrees on clear nights or 40 degree on damp nights, anyone can get a hot dinner, bed, breakfast in the morning and medical screening.  Everyone will be accommodated. A Clothing Bank and winter coat drive round out the services. For more information, contact the Salvation Army Hospitality House at (520) 622-5411 or Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless at (520) 745-9443.

If you need to know if a night is going to be an Operation Deep Freeze night, just call (520) 622-5411 and the Hospitality House can tell you.

Operation Deep Freeze

Operation Deep Freeze is an emergency plan for opening overflow shelters to provide beds for all persons in need on nights when the temperature drops to 35 degrees or to 40 degrees with precipitation. There are no requirements to have a T.B. card to come in for shelter---all are welcome. The Salvation Army Hospitality House, 1021 N. 11th Avenue, just south of Speedway, serves as an intake facility beginning at 3 p.m. Sun Tran provides transportation to one or more overflow shelters until everyone has a place to stay. An onsite medical clinic performs basic medical triage, and those who need further treatment are transported to care. Intoxicated clients are routed to special detox beds at Compass Health Care. Youth on their own who are under 18 years old should call Our Family Services at 1-800-537-8696 for information about a youth shelter.

Project Hospitality

Project Hospitality is a volunteer-driven program in which local religious congregations coordinated by Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless provide beds at their facilities on a prescheduled, rotating basis. Project Hospitality operates from November 28 through February 28. All clients must agree to work on case plans with case managers from any one of a number of participating agencies, and everyone must have a T.B. card. Call (520) 622-5411 to be linked with a case manager.  Congregations contribute shelter, food, transportation and socialization.

One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond is a congregation-based, extended-stay program for selected participants working on intensive treatment plans or pre-employment training.

Clothing Bank

A Clothing Bank sponsored by Primavera Foundation may be used by clients of Winter Shelter Program.


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