Happy Days, Sure, but Challenges Too

Henry Winkler seems like a nice guy—was the thought that went through my head as I heard his call-in interview on local radio station KLPX's The Frank Show this morning—and he writes children's books!  His Hank Zipzer series is about an elementary school-aged boy who's dyslexic. Winkler is dyslexic, and in the interview, he talked about remembering the challenges he faced and spoke frankly about the harmfully low expectations of others that could have held him back.

He wants dyslexic kids to learn that they can do great things. He also wants kids to read his books because they're entertaining.  Niagara Falls, or Does It? is the first book in the Hank Zipzer series. If young readers enjoy that, they'll want to read more books by Henry Winkler.

His new book, How to Hug an Elephant, is for younger kids (early elementary school) and is on order at the library. If you can't wait here's another option.

Here are other books about dyslexia that kids will like too.

The Alphabet War

Fish in A Tree