Get Ready for Cosmic Magic! Eclipse Books

While you are waiting for the solar eclipse across America (August 21, 2017), He Said/she Said by Erin Kelly is the perfect book to connect with! You may call it kismet or coincidence, but whatever it was, it was meant to be.

The intriguing book cover and title caught my attention quite recently. After perusing the overview, I decided this was a book that I absolutely must read. Essentially, this book is a literary masterpiece with its themes of psychological thriller, crime, mystery, suspense, conspiracy, misdirection, drama, murder, love and loss. The story is told from alternating points of views of the two main characters, Kit and Laura, and the past events and present eventually collide into a kaleidoscope of epic consequences.

The writing is exceptional and the multi-layered plot offers twists and turns, so I found it brilliant
from start to finish.

"I decide instead to try to observe the other phenomena that come with the eclipse,
the things you miss when you're transfixed by the sun itself.
I've always been so busy looking up that I've never observed the flowers closing,
for example.
Then the darkness comes. Without the countdown in the sky, it's pure and instant.
All the street lights in the town below come on, so quickly it's like sparks igniting.
Now, in the darkness, disappointment is replaced by the familiar thrill of totality.
But this time it's different."

"I have traveled enough. This trip will last me for a long time. I won't leave London
until the great American eclipse of 2017, and we will go there together: me, Laura,
and our children.
I send Laura a two-line text: Homeward bound. Turning my phone off for the night.
Love you xxxx
We plunge into the North Sea, the bars on my phone disappearing one by one
as the land mass dissolves behind us.
When I am finally out of range, I slide my thumb and fade the screen to black."

NASA has a website that has everything you want to know about the 2017 Solar Eclipse,
including live video streams, as well as an in-depth explanation, history and science of total solar eclipses. The eclipse's path of totality officially touches 14 states. However, the eclipse can only be viewed widely in about 10 states. You can find out the details of your location in the solar eclipse map and diagram.

Ready to be the next eclipse chaser? You might find these books and DVD to be of interest:
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The astronomy, wonder and mystery behind a total eclipse of the sun is amazing!
Here are a few books for families with young children:
Looking Up!