Fun resources for minds in the making

We've been talking a lot in our Children's Services department these days about the book Mind in the Making, and executive function. It breaks down seven essential life skills that every child needs, and presents them in a common-sense, easy, accessible way. You can literally play your way towards building these skills.

If you visit this activities guide, you'll see resources geared for every stage from infancy to adolescence. And you'll soon notice that there are many books, storytimes, and more events and classes at the library that can help support your family in these goals.

For example, many kids (and adults!) have fun with picture puzzle books like I Spy. Did you know that they "require children to think about categorization and use selective attention in searching for the correct type of object"? Want to find more resources that build those skills? This blog post celebrating interactive picture books like Let's Play fits the bill in a very fun way!

More resource lists for playful learning that builds these skills: Minecraft, conversing in second languages, and listening to / playing music!

For more books that you can borrow from PCPL about parenting, see Cat's list here: Parenting Made Easier, Less Stressful and More Fun!