From Fake News to GMOs: Stay Informed at the Library

Six upcoming programs at Joel D. Valdez Main Library explore pressing issues of local and national importance. Part of the 2018 Arizona Humanities Lecture and Discussion Series, the AZ Speaks presentations and FRANK Talks cover topics including fake news, genetically modified food, and school choice, among others.

Want to delve deeper? Here's a great list of recommended resources to explore further compiled by the experts themselves!

January 13Landscapes of Migration in the Arizona-Sonora Borderlands
Presenter Dr. Scott Warren recommends:

February 10, "Fake News": The Impact of Fake News in the Real World
Facilitator Dr. Jamie Bowen recommends:

April 14, The Holocaust and Its Memory
Presenter Dr. Albrecht Classen recommends:
June 9, School Choice in Arizona
Presenter Dr. Angelina Castagno recommends:

Asked what he hopes people will takeaway from these programs, Dr. Braden Allenby (March 17, Weaponized Narrative: Information Warfare as the New Battlespace) says, "A better understanding of their world—and the value of their local library!" Dr. Albrecht Classen says, "The past continues to be with us, comes creeping back if we do not pay attention, of if we ignore the lessons from yesterday. The worst enemy is your best teacher."

Want to stay informed on the issues people are talking about? Don't miss these programs!

In the Garden of Beasts

The Death and Life of the Great American School System