Farmers’ Markets in Pima County

From the Librarian Files

Here is a list of Farmers' Markets in Pima County, including their days and times of operation.

Pima County is home to many farmers' markets where you can find fresh, locally-grown produce, foods, and other items. When heading to the farmers' market, make sure to bring a sturdy bag (or bags), cash in small bills and a sense of adventure. A farmers market is a place to meet friends and build community, as well as to see what your local farmers and vendors have for sale.

My first stop at any farmers’ market is for coffee. I was at the Rillito Park Farmers Market recently and found some locally roasted, organic, coffee to perk me up. I then bought a nicaragüense from a local tortillaria. A nicaragüense is a huge tamale cooked in a banana leaf. Finally, I bought some organic apples from a local farmer.  It was another happy and successful trip to the farmers’ market.

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