Eckstrom-Columbus Library Memories

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, the Eckstrom-Columbus Library celebrated 40 years. The Library's Writer-in-Residence Marge Pellegrino led a journal-making, memory-writing workshop and guided participants through a group poem. This is the poem they wrote.

Photo of Marge Pellegrino at the whiteboard at Columbus workshop

Memories of Eckstrom-Columbus Library

I remember my dad’s face lighting up as he came to Columbus to pick up reserves.

I remember working @ Columbus before the makeover! When we only had 12 public computers and there was no self-check or color printing!

I remember day and night dreaming in the large meeting room.

I remember Nyssa and the teen mystery party.

I remember thinking, when the library first re-opened that it was like winning the lottery because all the books and movies were new.

I remember when I got to do Oculus Rift with James.

I remember how the room would be filled with children’s laughter.

I remember how a couple of kids would hide in the corner and play Rock Band.

I remember the first Snack Attack!

I remember Instant Recess. I remember how fun it was.

I remember the hustle and bustle – all the chairs filled. Children and adults immersed in learning, reading, books.

I remember sitting and coloring with my daughter.

I remember Ryder helping get mods to play Minecraft.

I remember Samira and Julia giving henna tattoos.

I remember anticipating learning about more adventures, meeting new imaginary friends.

I remember coming here today and wondering what it would be like. It was fun!

Do you have memories of Eckstrom-Columbus Library? Share them in the comments!