Do I need Facebook Business Manager?

Are you a business or nonprofit on social media? If you have been on social media a while, chances are that management of your multiple accounts has become more and more of a challenge.

This is very true for the Pima County Public Library. We have been on social media for over 10 years. We have 34 active Facebook pages, 3 Instagram accounts, as well as Twitter, SnapChat, Flickr, YouTube, and Linked In accounts. That's a lot to manage. This post will focus on what we learned when we recently switched over to the Facebook Business Manager system. 

Do you only have one Facebook page? Most mom-and-pop microbusinesses won't need Facebook Business Manager, unless you are frequently running ads and need its more powerful ads manager.

On the other hand, if you want to have a login that is completely separate from your personal Facebook profile, combines information about all your Facebook Pages and Instagram accounts in one place, and more control over employee use and access, the Business Manager should be considered. Here is how it is different:

Traditional Business Page

Facebook Business Manager

Dependence on personal profile You sign in as yourself, then go to your business page Sign in directly as the business, with a work email
Overview of basic Page analytics Not possible Basic information displayed in one table. (see screenshot below)
Employee levels of access Accessed via employee's personal Facebook page Accessed with employee's work email, and is separated from personal page
Management of ads Fine for basic ads and boosts Adds capability for pixels and canvases, more sophisticated ways to promote your business, all from one dashboard
Ability to collaborate Must add everyone via their personal Facebook, and you must be "friends" personally first Can add business collaborators if you are working on ad campaigns together.
Insights & analytics Statistics for every business page downloaded individually Ability to download statistics for all your business pages in one place
How it works with smartphone apps Best to use the Facebook Page Manager app Best to use the Facebook Page Manager app (works the same as for traditional page)
Distraction from work Personal feed visible while on business page Completely separate from personal Facebook presence
Cost Free Free

If you're like me you need to see things to visualize them. Here is a screen shot of the library's dashboard in Business Manager. Note how everything is pulled into one overview and completely separated from any personal Facebook chatter. All page notifications (likes, comments, shares, messages) are linked in the upper right, next to the gray flag icon.

We're happy with this new arrangement. Facebook, if you're listening, it would be wonderful to have one overview newsfeed of all the managed pages, without having to click on each one individually.

Do you have questions about social media for your business or nonprofit? The library offers 2 workshops that you can attend for free.

  • Strategic Social Media for Business & Nonprofits
    Every 4th Saturday from 10:30am-12noon,
    in the Idea+Space, Main Library 2nd floor,
    101 N. Stone Ave. in downtown Tucson
    This class teaches social media best practices, and how to convert your marketing messages into engaging social media posts. We also go over the various platforms' strengths and weaknesses.
    Free and open to all
  • Facebook Lab
    Every 2nd Tuesday from 11:30am-1:00pm
    in the Idea+Space, Main Library 2nd floor,
    101 N. Stone Ave. in downtown Tucson
    This hands-on workshop delves into the back-end of your business or nonprofit Facebook page and offers expert analysis of how you're doing and offers strategies that will increase engagement and reach of your page.
    Limited to 4 teams. RSVP here:

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