Competitive (SWOT) analysis

Where can you learn more about your competition and potential customers? At the library.

FYI: Not everything is findable (Private vs. Public info)

Most small businesses are privately held and do not need to make their financial information public. Tools like the Library's Reference USA will help, but some of the information you will want is simply not available.

What is "SWOT?"

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, & Threats, the 4 things to think about as you analyze your competition.

ReferenceUSA, how the library will save you lots of money

Go to Reference USA. Note: you will need your PCPL library card number and PIN.

  • Select the "Business Database," and search by "Business Type" and "Geography"
  • Explore the Chart and Map feature in your search results.
  • Help: look on their site for Video tutorials (official; I highly recommend "Competitive Insights")

Once you've established a list, visit the businesses in person to add your own observations to what you find online.