Celtic Noir: Gun Street Girl

Adrian McKinty's "Troubles Trilogy" recently expanded to include four titles and shows no signs of slowing down. In Gun Street Girl, McKinty returns to the world of 1985 Belfast with our hero, Sean Duffy, a Catholic Detective Inspector with the predominantly Protestant Royal Ulster Constabulary. The series has all the elements you'd want for a dark, fast-paced mystery - a flawed hero, great secondary characters and a brilliant setting.

Sean Duffy is always in trouble with his superior officers and never fails to annoy colleagues from other agencies. Duffy's closest colleague, the restrained and undemonstrative Detective Sergeant McCrabben, serves as an excellent foil to Duffy's volatile personality. Duffy also has interesting relationships with his neighbors, keeping an uneasy peace with local political factions and gangland criminals. By setting the series in 1980s Belfast, McKinty has endless material to draw from including murder, business corruption, arms dealings and civil unrest.

The first three books in the series are also available as Audio Downloads through Overdrive. The narrator's Irish accent really sets the stage.

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