Celebrate November

Ahh...November, the time of the harvest, bursting with holidays, feasts, and reasons to gather.  Dig in to the season on our Celebrate page and find exceptional staff lists on Thanksgiving reads, Veteran's Day, Native American Heritage Month, Transgender Awareness month, and more.  Whether you're craving some Thanksgiving FAQs or need some help finishing your book during National Novel Writing Month, there's plenty to do and learn. No matter what you are celebrating, we hope you get to a chance to get time away from the daily grind and enjoy your November! 

Here is a short preview of what you'll find to celebrate this month:

Veterans Day for Children

List created by PimaLib_AnneM

Here are stories of people who braved difficult circumstances and fears, in their journey for justice. As we near the celebration of Veterans, try this mixed collection of books that show appreciation for all our warriors of freedoms.

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Transgender Voices

List created by PimaLib_Teens

Books for and about trans and nonbinary teens, at PCPL.

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Picture Books for Thanksgiving (that aren't about Pilgrims)

List created by PimaLib_MaureenK

From a PCPL children's librarian, some books for Turkey Day when you're tired of reading about the first Thanksgiving.

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Crafting your own Thanksgiving

List created by PimaLib_WilliamB

It's never too late to decorate for a festive Thanksgiving spirit. Looking for something to entertain the kids and grand kids? Let PCPL show you the way.

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Yes, you can have a gluten-free, vegetarian thanksgiving feast

List created by PimaLib_KarenG

Just because you can't eat gluten and you don't eat meat, doesn't mean you need to neglect the upcoming food oriented holiday. Here are some cookbooks to give you ideas for yummy vegetable dishes and gluten free baked goods.

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