Celebrate January👏👏

Welcome to 2019! You made it through the shortest day of the year. The chilly winter days are getting longer and after the whirlwind of the holidays, maybe you're looking for a fresh read or home project to start. Visit the Celebrate page and find suggestions on making small changes to bring a brighter outlook on your year, whether that's starting an herb garden, getting more sleep, planning your next vacation, or just celebrating Appreciate a Dragon Day on the16th!

Keep scrolling to find a sampling of staff picks for January:

Blatantly watch birds on National Bird Day, January 5

List created by PimaLib_SherrieB

Southern Arizona is a bird watcher's paradise. Here are a few books and sites for new birders as well as those who already have long life lists.

Possibly the most famous bird observer of all time.

Considered by many as the definitive guide to birds, the Peterson Field Guide can be used by seasoned birders as well as those new to birdwatching.

More about the renowned Roger Tory Peterson and his work.

You Can Do Anything For a Year

List created by PimaLib_AmandaB

How will you spend the new year? For some fun, heartfelt, and sometimes outlandish ideas, check out these PCPL titles.

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Books to help you start 2019 right!

List created by PimaLib_LoisM

Do you need help with your new year's resolutions for 2019? Read these books for a few tips (including some oldies but goodies).

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