Celebrate February💌

Welcome to February, Tucson! If you haven't already noticed--there's a plethora of events and staff picks waiting for you this month.  You can be part of the one book, one community discussion for the book, The Parable of the Sower, by Octavia Butler and hosted by Kindred in libraries across the city in February and March.  It's the perfect time to explore Black history in Tucson and honor the contributions of Black history makers, lean into the romance with a new hot read, get festive for the Chinese New Year or saunter into the library to get a western before Rodeo Days kicks off! 

There are even more February finds on our Celebrate page, but keep reading for a selection of staff curated lists chosen just for you!

Read Harder 2018: Westerns

List created by PimaLib_RavenousReaders

Fact or fiction, myth or reality, the stories of the American Old West always capture our wildest imaginations.

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Rockstar Romances

List created by PimaLib_JessicaP

Have you ever fallen in love with a rockstar? Check out some of these romances where the impossible happens and the star finds love with a regular person!

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President's Day for Kids

List created by PimaLib_KellyK

Celebrate President's Day by learning a bit more about past presidents, the office of the president, and how you can be president one day, too!

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